Product Tester Terms & Conditions


Products will include, but are not limited to, clothing, jewellery, accessories, makeup and homewares. This is subject to change without notice at any time and subject to availability. To send you products best suited to you, you will be asked to supply your age, clothing size, shoe size and any other relevant information. Please note that plus-sized clothing is limited, although Rapture Boutique is confident you will enjoy our range of other products and accessories. Though measures will be taken to send suitable products, this cannot be guaranteed. Rapture Boutique does not make any guarantee as to the availability or suitability of products in the Product Testing program, and Rapture Boutique expressly excludes all liability in relation to this.  


You must be over 18 to register for and use this site. Rapture Boutique may, at any time at our sole discretion, revoke your membership for any reason, including but not limited to, for breach of these terms. Subscription prices include purchasing, shipping and handling costs, and are subject to change at any time, without notice. The introductory pricing is limited to the introductory phase of this program, the duration of which is at Rapture Boutique's sole discretion, and thereafter will increase. Members hereby commit to submitting their Product Testing review within one month of receiving their review survey. Note that the Product Testing program is separate from the Affiliate Program and commission from any referrals or personal subscriptions cannot be made from Product Testing subscriptions. 


Annual and 6 Monthly memberships may only be cancelled at the termination of the membership period and not during the term of the membership. Monthly memberships may be cancelled at any time. All membership cancellation requests require notification to be sent to If you intend to cancel your Monthly Membership, you must provide notice at least one week in advance as cancellation will not be processed within 7 days of the billing date. 


Shipping of items will occur upon receipt of Monthly, 6 Monthly or Yearly subscription payment. Rapture Boutique will endeavour to dispatch monthly Product Testing items mid-month following payment, using a third party shipping service, and this time frame is subject to change without notice. Refunds, exchanges, requests and returns are not accepted. In the event of a shipping address change, it is the member's responsibility to notify Rapture Boutique and pay any costs incurred for mail redirection. Please see Rapture Boutique's shipping and handling Terms and Conditions here, which are applicable to all Product Testing members.

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