Rapture in Bali: Take Me To Gilli T

Tanya Andersen

Posted on May 03 2018

Gili Trawangan Island is all about sunsets, cycling and ocean swings. From mainland Bali, it took approximately 1.5 hours by fast boat to arrive at the island and our accommodation, the popular Le Pirate Beach Club. Think bright beach cabins, open air showers and hammocks by the ocean. 

Whyte Valentyne Playsuit

Pictured: Drinking coconuts at Le Pirate Beach Club. Wearing: Whyte Valentyne Playsuit.

Moments after arriving, we were sipping on fresh coconuts and slipping into bikinis. The Daydream Balconette Bikini proved excellent for a tanning sesh. Again, the Femme Mesh Swimsuit was a favourite as it's so damn comfortable. Days were spent drinking smoothies and cocktails in the pool, alternated with lazing in the hammocks down along the beach.

Daydream Balconette Bikini

Pictured: Smoothies by the pool. Wearing: Daydream Balconette Bikini.

Femme Mesh Swimsuit

Pictured: Hitting the beach at Gili T. Wearing: Femme Mesh Swimsuit.


That afternoon called for a walk along the sand to catch the sun setting over the water. As we got there early, we were able to grab the famed Bali swing shot, though moments later the shore was crowded with other keen photo-takers. The line-up behind the scenes to get this shot is quite hilarious! (Though completely worth it). 

Floral Dress

Pictured: Loving the hammock life. Wearing: Floral Dress (coming to the website soon).

Floral Dress

Pictured: Sunsets and beach for days on Gili T. Wearing: Floral Dress (coming to the website soon).

After a big day of sun, I was keen for a shower and dry clothes, then it was off to the on-site restaurant. The food at Le Pirate can't be faulted. If you ever find yourself here, try the Pad Thai - it's an explosion of flavour and you won't be disappointed. The restaurant is so close and convenient, there's no need to go anywhere else.

Montpellier Dress

Pictured: Dinner at Le Pirate Beach Club's restaurant. Wearing: Montpellier Dress (coming to the website soon).

Montepellier Dress

Picture: Post-dinner hammock swings. Wearing: Montpellier Dress (coming to the website soon).

However, the next morning we did just that and ventured out on our rented bikes to see the turtle conservation on the other side of the island. I've always been a huge supporter of environmental conservation and animal protection, so was pleased to see how the locals are doing their bit to get involved. And the turtles are so cute! 

Laguna Tights

Pictured: All smiles at the Turtle Conservation. Wearing: Laguna Full-Length Tights and QI Flow Black Bra.

Pretty in Pink Dress

Pictured: Breakfast at Le Pirate Beach Club. Wearing: Pretty in Pink Dress.

You won't find any cars here on Gili T. Instead, the locals take horse and carriage. Despite my reluctance to support a practice that may not be good for these beautiful animals, I commend the current commitment to environmental conservation. Le Pirate is also plastic-free, serving water in glass jars and using plastic-free straws. 

Floral Maxi Dress

Pictured: Our last sunset in Gili T. Wearing: Floral Maxi Dress.

Floral Maxi Dress

Pictured: Last drinks. Wearing: Floral Maxi Dress.

On our last night, we caught another killer sunset while sipping cocktails on the beach. Somehow evading sunburn, it was time to say goodbye to the wonderful staff at Le Pirate and our adopted pet cat who'd followed us around since making friends on day one. 

Toucan Playsuit

Pictured: Balcony hangs with kitty. Wearing: Toucan Playsuit.

We had been craving relaxation and the island delivered. The long drive to the bay that got us to the boat that took us to the island... was all worth it in the end. We had a great time on Gili T. 


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